MySQL Conference, Day 4 (being written well after the fact)

As I said at the end of the Day 3 post, I did well enough at the Ignite session that I "won" the opportunity to give it again. There was some confusion about the right time to be seated, and some of the "winners" were not actually properly informed of what they had "won". Fortunately, IM conversations sorted most of it out, and Gerry, Sarah, Gillian, and myself reprised our talks.

I got the opportunity to take notes at the MySQL Ecosystem Summit, but instead spent the time taking in a few more sessions. It was a hard choice, and from what I learned later about the cool discussions at the summit, I think I may have made the wrong choice.

There were some sessions I was glad to have gone to, however. The best was Paul Vallee's "Worst Practices of Database Outsourcing Infrastructure Support", which was an excellent "peopleware" presentation on, well, exactly what it says on the tin, how to have a good or bad relationship between a client and an IT shop.

The rest of the time was spent socializing, networking, "hallway tracking", chatting with the Amazon AWS RDS folks, and so forth. The sort of thing that conferences like this are really for.

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