MySQL Conference, Day 1

I checked in in the speaker lounge and picked up my bag of shwag. This year O'Reilly is giving speakers some free books, slide:ology and Confessions of a Public Speaker . It makes sense for them to give these books to their speakers, as the better the speakers are, the better the conference is, and the more successful O'Reilly is at getting more conference business.

I spent the first part of the day fielding scheduled calls with members of the tech press about Gear6's new release of our Memcached Server.

Over lunch I picked a random table, and had a good conversation with a bunch of "ordinary attendees", people who are not "known names", but came to the conference to attend tutorials and sessions, and actually learn how to use this stuff. Most had been to Sheeri's tutorial about MySQL configuration, but the ones about Replication by Mats Kindahl & Lars Thalman, and the one about Performance Tuning by Baron Schwartz and Morgan Tocker were also popular.

The Drizzle project had a two different tutorials, merged together, about joining the project and about writing replication plugins and storage plugins, presented by Padrig, Jay, and Toru, and it inspired me more to get back into hacking on Drizzle. While there I hecked Monty Taylor (who was sitting a row behind me) via IRC into fixing the instructions for installing on Ubuntu.

Later that afternoon, by the hotel bar, I finally met again Gillian Gunison. She and I first met at this conference 4 years ago, and then have kept in touch swapping technical problems back and forth over IM since then.

The annual community dinner was huge, overfilling the space at Pedro's.

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