MySQL Conference, Day 2

While waiting in the line for a breakfast table, I found Reggie Burnett, who is still with MySQL now Oracle. We shared a table and talking about Android and the future of handhelds.

I missed the keynotes by Edward Screven and by Tim O'Reilly. Instead I had scheduled interviews with The 451 Group and then with Robert Scoble. Those both went really well. And I learned that the Screven speech went not so well, which would have been amusing, but not a good use of time.

The rest of the day, so far, has consisted of meeting people, spending time at the Memcached.org booth and the Gear6 booth, and doing more scheduled tech press interviews. Sarah Novotny showed up during the nosh and free beer, right before the BOF sessions.

I attended BOF session for "How To Use Memcached", which unfortunately is scheduled at the same time as the Drizzle BOF. Most memcached BOFs in past years have been very rarified hackathons and protocol design sessions. This one was a "there are no stupid questions" style Q&A for interested novices.

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