floating an idea: an APA

I have no idea why I'm considering doing such a crazy thing, but I'm considering starting and running an APA. How an APA works:
  1. You write or draw on up to two sheets of paper, double sided.
  2. You send it to me, either via postal mail or email PDF.
  3. I collate them all together into a stack.
  4. I photocopy and bind the stack, making N copies. Enough to send one in the postal mail out to each member.
  5. I mail a copy to everyone.
  6. You get it the post. You read and enjoy it.
  7. You write or draw on up to two sheets of paper...
Some notes:
  • I'll be willing to cover the copy costs and postage, at least until it gets too expensive.
  • I'm willing to have members with non-US international addresses, again until it gets too expensive.
  • Other members will not see your postal address, unless you yourself decide to put it on one of your pages.
  • You can send your contribution in as a PDF, or as actual sheets.
  • Paper size has to be 8.5x11. Print will be BW photocopy.
  • I reserve the right to change number of sheets members get to send in
  • I reserve the right to cap the number of members.
  • I reserve the right to drop any contribution, and I reserve the right to evict any member.
  • The "code of conduct" is: don't piss me off, don't virtue signal, content needs to be kid-friendly and safe-for-work.
  • Topic is general, anything you want to write or draw. Fiction, non-fiction, gonzo journalism, bad poetry, good drawing, ...
So, if I decide to do this, do you want in? Reply here, or msg me, or email me.

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