The DOJ vs Aaron Swartz. Rank cowards, who hide in the shadows they themselves cast

The US DOJ has admitted that they started investigating Aaron Swartz not because of the 2011 JSTOR incident, but instead in 2008 because Aaron published a manifesto for open access to scientific information.

This decision to start hounding a non-violent non-dangerous speaker and writer for writing a published article was done by a person.  A human being.  Someone with a face, and a name.  It was some aspiring political appointee, some grey headed civil servant with desk and a pension, or some "sworn LEO" with a crewcut, a badge, and a gun.

I want to know who this person is. Whoever they are, I deeply doubt that they have the courage of their convictions, to be willing to come out, and stand up, and say what they did.

I doubt they will. These people are all utter rank cowards, who hide in the shadows they themselves cast.

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