New Job, Community Manager for Eucalyptus Systems

Six months ago, right around the O'Reilly MySQL Conference, my previous employer, Gear6, suffered from "unfortunate cash flow event". That is, they ran out of money faster than their sales grew. Which is too bad, it was a good company with good and useful products, and it was staffed with good people. I appreciate the honest and ethical dealings of the board and the executive staff, who kept the we the staff "in the light" as the situation developed, and did things like paying out the accumulated vacation time and such. No bounced paychecks, unpaid expense reports, or surprise locked doors.

I spent the time working on personal projects, preparing for and going to Burning Man, studying up more on open source community management, digging more into cloud computing, and interviewing at a number of interesting companies.

And now, as of November 1st, I have a new gig. I am the Community Manager for the open source company Eucalyptus Systems.

Eucalyptus is based in Santa Barbara. I will remain based in Seattle, and will be travel down to the offices regularly, and will be travelling for conferences.

My first conference in my new corporate livery will be the second Open Stack Design Conference, which is next week in San Antonio.


  1. Congrats, that's excellent news Mark!

  2. Congratulations Mark!

    We're going to have an LAMySQL meetup w/ Eucalyptus in the near future. I hope to see you there!

    Joe Devon.