Drizzle plugin/syslog has been merged, exploring how to use it

My new syslog module has been merged with the Drizzle mainline.

After updating your local copy of the tree, you can see the sources in plugin/syslog, which have completely replaced plugin/logging_syslog.

To check to see if your build or distribution of Drizzle has this module available, run the the drizzled binary with the --help option, and look for lines referring to "syslog", like this:

  $PREFIX/sbin/drizzled --help | grep syslog

You should see something similar to this:

  syslog-ident                      drizzled
  syslog-facility                   local0
  syslog-logging-enable             false
  syslog-logging-priority           info
  syslog-logging-threshold-slow     0
  syslog-logging-threshold-big-resultset 0
  syslog-logging-threshold-big-examined 0
  syslog-errmsg-enable              false
  syslog-errmsg-priority            warning

The lines beginning with the double dash are options, which can be specified on the drizzled command line, or in the drizze server configuration files. The lines without the double dash are server variables, which can be examined and sometimes set from a SQL prompt or other Drizzle client. Next to the server variables are their current value. Notice that both syslog-logging-enable and syslog-errmsg-enable default to false.

The next post will be a quick overview of the UNIX syslog, and how this module works with it.

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