Snuggies, Netbooks, and NoSQL

A few days ago, a friend of mine sent me an Instructables link on modifying  a Snuggie to make it more usable with a netbook.  I don't like their approach, which consists of cutting a hole in the Snuggie so the netbook can rest on your legs and not slide down.  A better approach would be to sew or glue a grippy material on the right spot for the netbook.

And then we started rapping on how to modify an array of Snuggies and Netbooks to provide a NoSQL service:

First, get a bunch of netbooks, then glue them to the Snuggies.  Add an extra hole for each netbook so you don't have to get your hands cold while you attempt to turn them all into servers. Then you cut a hole for the distributed hash table to get through so your arms don't get cold, but conveniently, you don't have to build an extra tube for every table's relational guarantees because nosql does away with that silliness. Gone are the hours spent hand-sewing each tube on for each netbook, which makes this system way more scalable for your average snuggie, though results may vary, and you can sew the extra tubes on if you want.  Then embroider on your associative arrays or key-value pairs, whichever you want to use. Oh, and remember to sew with scant quarter-inch seams - don't waste extra fabric, quarter-inch seams scale better anyway...

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