Idea: Digital Cameras need a 4th color, UV

If digital cameras also recorded a 4th color, ultraviolet, a couple of useful things would be possible.

If the video stream was going into machine vision, the processing algorithms would be more able to see useful differences and edges and kinds of surfaces.

For images that are meant for showing to humans, taking the UV channel and laying it down over the human visible colors as a sort of greymask would remove sun glare.

Removing sun glare would also be useful for machine vision that is used as an input for self driving cars.

For artistic images, having access to the UV channel and pushing it into visible would make artistic photographs of plants, especially flowers, much more interesting.  Many flowers have features and patterns that are visible only in UV.

Adding the UV channel into the visible channels in some sort of false color in an augmented reality HUD system, would give high tech soldiers the ability to see and see through lower tech camo.

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