MySQL Conference, Day 3

The day started out with 3 keynotes: Brian Aker, Michael Widenius, and Sheeri Cabral.

Brian gave his "The Drizzle Story" talk, which I tweeted via @drizzledb. Then Monty spoke about about Monty Program AB and MariaDB, which is his continuing work on his fork of MySQL. Following them both was an excellent talk from Sheeri about how the community interaction model will continue to work in this Oracle era.

I went to my employer's Gear6's session done with Answers.com. Answers is a top 20 web site, and is the 2nd fastest growing one, after Facebook. It was fun to see their performance and scaling numbers, and how they are using Gear6's memcached product, especially how two 1U G6 boxes replaced an entire rack of 20 2U memcached servers.

I also really enjoyed the Facebook operations session, and also Matt Yonkovit's NoSQL characterization and benchmarking talk.

I talked to a lot of people about Memcached, and about Gear6, and about NoSQL.

The big event for me was the Ignite session. I got there a touch late, Sarah Novotny was already giving her "Backups Don't Make Me Money" talk. Gillian Gunson gave a really good talk "Rules for DBAs", and then after Brian Aker gave his famous NoSQL talk, I gave my responding session as the last Ignite. I hit it really well, and Sarah and Gillian and I all "won", which means we all get to do our Ignites again the next morning as part of final day keynote.

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  1. Your Ignite talk was great. Thanks for helping make the evening really fun. Cheers, Robert